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What we do

Brand Artists

Good quality, talented artists are the face of your brand and the key to its success during a live face-to-face experience.  We have an individually hand-picked pool of the best brand artists available.  We believe in quality rather than quantity. We don’t claim to have the biggest staff database, but we like to think it’s the best.

Experiential Campaigns & Roadshows

We bring your brand to life with intelligently produced, live experiential events aimed at getting consumers to enjoy the unique qualities of your products/services.  Precisely targeting locations means that we engage your target market in an optimum environment.


Our team is made up from experienced actors and performance artists.  We feel that performers are by definition the best qualified to bring your products to life.  They have a special ability to engage with consumers, bringing energy and enthusiasm to all events including live street marketing, performance-based advertising, guerrilla marketing and other live performances.